For nearly two decades, Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery has been located in SoHo, right across the street from the longtime location of the New Museum, where it garmered a reputation as one of Manhattan's most consistently innovative exhibition spaces for artists from the United States and abroad. Discerning art collectors and critics were drawn to Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery for its always stimulating roster of painters, sculptors, and artists working in various new media, indeed, Montserrat was one of the venues that helped to maintain the spirit of that pioneering art district by consistently exhibiting artists who exemplified all that was new and exiting in contemporary art.

Always aware of the fluctuating demographics of a vital and ever evolving art market, Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery has recently relocated to 547 West 27th Street, in Chelsea, the new hub of the New York art world. The gallery's new quarters are located in one of the most actively trafficked buildings in the district that The New York Times recently noted has entered its "high baroque period", boasting a more vigorous and vital art scene than even SoHo at its zenith in early 1990s.

Frequently reviewed in the art press, particularly Gallery & Studio, a magazine widely distributed throughout the city, the relocated Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery will maintains the same high standards that made its reputation formidable in its former location. With its varied international roster of artists and an equal number of established and emerging artists from the United States, the gallery continues to seek out and develop talents who will make a difference in the decades to come.

Montserrat's new location, at the center of the New York art scene, enables it to showcase its artists even more effectively, presenting their work to the throngs who pack the streets of Chelsea every day, eager to make new discoveries. Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery presents them with a diverse group of selectively chosen artists whose work exemplifies the exiting pluralism of the postmodern era.

Just as we are not limited to one style or movement in terms of the art that we show, we do not confine ourselves to artists from one part of the world. Our only real criteria is the quality of the work itself. Be it abstract, realistic, or something we have never seen before, if it excites us and we feel that the artist has something to say, we want to share our enthusiasm with everyone. So we make every effort to help our artists become successful. Artists, after all, have a terrible struggle. All too often, they must labor in obscurity for years. For us, it is one of the greatest satisfactions of being in this business that we can help at least some artists to get the recognition that they deserve.

We had some very good years in SoHo. It was there that we first became known and built up our credibility as a gallery worth paying attention to, a venue where there was always something exciting to see. But now the art world has changed and the move to Chelsea is timely. We must, after all, change with the times in order to keep moving forward and best serve our artists". Indeed, the personal commitment of serving its artists - giving them every promotional opportunity; seeing to it that their exhibitions are installed effectively; arranging for invitations; staging a gala opening reception, and attending to all the other details that go into mounting a major show - is part of what has made Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery one of New York City's most respected exhibition spaces, both in its prior location and its present incarnation in Chelsea. Surely these factors, along with the consistency high quality of the work shown, have contributed to Montserrat's longevity as an art world staple and will continue to make it a favorite destination of collectors, critics, and others concerned with what is new, vital, and important in contemporary art.

Ed McCormack
Art Critic and Former Contributing
Editor of Andy Warhol's Interview