ESTEVE PRAT PAZ, Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona) Catalonia-Spain, 1959.
Doctor (Cum Laude) in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.
Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education Drawing.
He has made different exhibitions of painting and drawing both individual and collective, having won several important awards for his work.
He has collaborated with several articles on art topics in various magazines, as well as in their designs. He has works in the Sabadell Bank Art Fund (BCN), Agaete Museum (Gran Canaria) Spain, Castellar del Vallès City Council Art Fund, and in several private collections in Spain, France and Argentina.

EVENT DETAILS ESPACIO 120 celebrates the tenth edition of the Super Spring Salon in Hospitalet (Barcelona). March is revitalized in the Spring Salon of Space 120 <25-29> MAR 2017. This new exhibition concept is conceived within an immense international offer of established and emerging works and firms from different parts of the world, such as Germany, Croatia, USA, Venezuela, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway or United Kingdom.
Some of the exhibitors of this X edition: Else Munkholm of Denmark, Björnulf Dyrud of Norway, Ana Vanessa Urvina of Caracas; at the local level Pere Aragay, Esteve Prat Paz, Marta Zapirain, Albert Gonzalo, Cuixart, A. Clavé; Lola López, José Luis Ponce, J. Castillo, Vicente Verdú, etc.

Esteve Prat Paz
Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona), 1959
He is a Doctor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of BBAA of the University of Barcelona, Diploma in Advanced Studies DEA, and professor of drawing. Professor of Drawing, he has worked as a
drawing teacher for years ... He is the author of several art books such as "Castellarense art - visual and visual arts, from the Neolithic to the present time", awarded, in addition to writing articles for several magazines of art and also about Designs.
After a thematic and creative interval, and a period of reflection on the focus of his new work in both aspects, he chose a classic theme such as still life or still life to transport it conceptually and technically to a new, more contemporary reality applying mixed techniques based of prints, reservations, collage, grattage ... mixing oil paintings, acrylics or spray on paper in various formats creating a very personal painting.
He has won several awards in painting, drawing and photography. He has shown his work in numerous exhibitions both individual and collective.

Esteve Prat Paz has always followed the pictorial principle of painting what has motivated him.
Persistently he is fascinated by the search for a new theme, to later translate into the work. With an eclectic trajectory, with different periods and periods, Prat exhibits "Figure" at the Sabadell Academy of Fine Arts, and later at the Sala de Amigos de las Artes de Terrassa. Work planned,
studied, and thought. Little or no space for improvisation and for chance within Esteve Prat's painting. Thus, he has created a pictorial museum tour including large-scale works, pieces of spectacular dimensions such as 3x1.5 or 2X1 meters, being a continuation of the exhibition that Prat made in 2016 under the title "Dead Natures" In the same museum headquarters de Sabadell (academy that aims to spread art, mainly painting). Following the technique of Plastic Graphic Expression, use prints, glazes, textures, grattage, frottage, collage, dripping, all mixed under the mixed media format.
Esteve Prat, this time you take as a main element the human figure embodied in full body or taking fragments, alone or together, always under the prism of the great dimensions. With all these elements, together with a wide and varied color palette, with great use of the line, it creates balanced, daring compositions, with rhythm and movement. Always searching and exploring to find sensations in the viewer.

Female Nudes by Esteve Prat.
The female body is an inexhaustible subject and, not too much treated, forces to be repeated. The Castellar painter reveals himself as a specialist in this subject and shows these days at the Sabadell Academy of Fine Arts that, in addition to looking for fewer usual compositions, he can also create interesting textures, often with mixed media that includes newspaper that emerges from the bottom. The variation of techniques and the search for a more personal record enrich the sample. Sabadell newspaper, Saturday, May 17, 2005.

The 2002-2003 exhibition season was inaugurated at the central International Art Promotion gallery, presenting the latest landscape work by the painter Esteban Prat Paz.
That visual and intimate duality that is now exhibited by E. Prat Paz, interpreted through postimpressionism with expressionist pictorial dictions, also enjoys a notable interest in that it proposes suggestive approaches to aesthetics and evolutionary sensory communication.
Let's see, for example, the themes that the painter develops and with them we will realize how nature itself gives Esteve Prat Paz a multiplicity of narrative principles always generating coherent treatments such as the environmental imprint of each place, capturing in each enclave, Nuances, delicacies and harmonious color sequences thanks to the acute receptive capacity in addition to the dimensional that pose each plural reading. And it is, from here, when the insightful artist unfolds his inner world abundant in emotions to explain, on the canvas, the definitive impressions that the oil palette makes possible where the chromatists, shapes, rhythms, pauses, demonstrates the maturity of a painter who knows how to detect the concrete spells of each moment that passes with over risky contextualisms.
Eugenio d'Ors said that "style is man": Well, this brings us to Esteve Prat Paz's ways of painting, which, as previously said, we perceive among expert impressionist virtuosities that the author deciphers on the basis to a capital capacity of technical synthesis in a poetically imaginative objectivity. In any case, these wide-open perspectives reach favorable graphical and tonal readings due to the luminous window that each painting offers, inviting us to enjoy the dreamlike values that the painting traces when, in its immediate doing, it has set heart and brain. And since E. Prat Paz is a drawing teacher, he completes the exhibition with a series of female nudes, in which the coal runs with the same ease and sagacity that he exercises with the brush. This affirms one of the issues currently quite neglected, which is to learn in depth the drawing that is equally useful for the figurative trajectory as for the ingenious abstract course.
Felix Riaza. Art critic of DIARIO DE TERRASSA September 26, 2003

Art critic. In 1995 he presented us for the first time his work in Barcelona, in the same gallery, and then a seriousness and a measure is discovered in everything he presented, a mastery of color, composition, everything in a good work done. Now he continues to show us his worth and his knowledge to do things well and also discover that he has been surpassing himself, he has become more painter, more artist, we must congratulate ourselves for finding the artist that every day is more and will be more and more.
Josep Maresma Pedragosa. Art critic. October 17, 1997.

E. Prat Paz holds his first solo exhibition in Barcelona. He is a sure painter in drawing and with a good sense of composition. His post-impressionist vision, is not limited to following formulas that ensure a good acceptance by the portal of a traditional audience, but rather poses with courage the pictorial problems and solves them with obvious ability to convey emotions. Its process of affirmation of the pictorial personality is interesting and it is convenient to follow it. "El Periódico" (Art) Josep María Cadena, March 3, 1995.

Art critic ...the work that is now presented to us is reflected through the landscape, a theme in which if there is not a job well learned, it is difficult to reach the subject and explain it as this young artist knows how to do From his pieces he shows us his mastery of how to do things well, he knows how to explain the beauty of these landscapes through his color, in a word, he makes us art ... Josep Maresma Pedragosa. Art critic. ICOM member. March 1, 1995.

Visiting these days, the Academy of Fine Arts is worth it. In Room 1, the young Vallesan artist E. Prat Paz presents a wide and entertaining collection in which we find frankly good landscape recreations. Starting from a fair drawing and an adequate expression of color, Prat gives the
feeling of great seriousness and professional honesty. His is a work that he likes to contemplate. Sabadell newspaper, November 26, 1986.

ISBN 10: 8439828977 ISBN 13: 9788439828976
... his easel work is basically focused on the landscape, characterized by an unconventional expressionist diction and a vibrant, spontaneous color, highly sensitive to the qualities of matter and the modulations of the hue. He also cultivated wall painting on wooden supports. In 1987 he made an original exhibition of "frescoes" on mobile stands as if it were a wall ... Ràfols Dictionary of Contemporary Artists of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

• Between 1971 and 1975 he obtained several prizes for Drawing, Fast Painting and Photography.
• Selected for the "Young Painting Award". Parés room. Barcelona, years 1978-81-84-86-88.
• Honorable Mention in the XXIII "Young Painting Prize" Sala Parés. Barcelona, 1981.
• First Prize Painting Small Format IV Contest of Plastic Arts Villa de Rota, Alcalde Zoilo
Foundation. Cádiz, 1985.
• Selected in the 7th Exhibition of General Arts of Catalonia.
• Selected in the 8th Exhibition of General Arts of Catalonia.
• First Prize for Landscaping III International Exhibition of Plastic Arts ACEA. Barcelona, 1998

• 1977 CEC Exp Room (Castellar del Vallès)
• 1979 CEC Exp Room (Castellar del Vallès)
• 1980 Exp. "Narcís Giralt" Room (Sabadell) - Watts-Art Room (Castellar del Vallès)
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- Art Gallery "TIERRA FIRME" Lleida Catalonia ESCOLÀ ART GROUP
• 2019 Retrospective Exhibition "EL MIRADOR" Castellar del Vallés (BCN) Catalonia. "SERIES 2015-2019" - Art Gallery "MAR" Barcelona Catalonia ESCOLÀ ART GROUP - Art Room "E. ARIMANY" Tarragona Catalonia ESCOLÀ ART GROUP - Exhibition Hall "AMIGOS DE LAS ARTES" Terrassa (BCN) Catalonia - ABARTIUM COLLECTION Gallery & Studio, Calldetenes (BCN) - Art Gallery "MAR" Barcelona Collective Start Season 2019-2020

2008 Monographic Exhibition "30 Years of Exhibitions" Esteve Prat. "TOLRÀ SPACE". Castellar City Council -Live Castellar-.

2019 Retrospective Exhibition "Series 2015-2018" "EL MIRADOR" Castellar del Vallès -We make Castellar_.

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He is the author of the books:

1992 "L`ART CASTELLARENC" Plastic and Visual Arts (From the Neolithic to the present times) ISBN: 84-604-1297-0. Legal Deposit: B. 6090 to 1992. Edit: Castellar History Archive with the collaboration of Sabadell Savings Bank and Castellar del Vallès Town Hall. Study awarded in the Program of Studies and Programs of the Caixa Sabadell Foundation in 1990.

1997 "CASTELLAR INSÓLIT". Legal Deposit B. 8,975 to 1,997.

2005 “L'AIGUA A CASTELLAR DEL VALLÈS " (A story through hydraulics). ISBN 84-609-7164-
Legal Deposit: B. 304-1981. Edit: Castellar History Archive with the collaboration of the City of Castellar, "Plaça Vella" No. 50. He has collaborated with various informative articles on art and history topics in several magazines such as FORJA Seminarian de Castellar, PLAÇA VELLA Publication of the Castellar History Archive, ARTILLETRS Cultural Magazine of Castellar ...
He is the author, among others, of the article: Víctor Masriera Vila (1875-1938) Pedagogue of art, teacher in the teaching of drawing. His passage through Sabadell. ARRAONA Magazine 2012 Sabadell History Magazine, digitally to (RACO). From the text of the book dedicated to the painter Raimon Roca Ricart on the occasion of the Tribute made in Castellar del Vallès in 2012:
. RAIMON ROCA Tribute. Town hall of Castellar-Diputación de Barcelona. From the article:
. An Unknown in Castellar del Vallès: Víctor Masriera Vila (1875-1938), from omnipresence to anonymity. "RECERCA" Nº 8, April 2015, magazine of history and social and human sciences of the Municipal Archive of Castellar del Vallès AMC. Castellar del Vallès, ISSN and from 1579 to 9964. From the article: The six generations of carpentry and joinery of "Fuster de Sant Feliu" (1785-1988) PLAÇA VELLA Nº 58 "Publication of the Castellar Studies Center - History Archive" Print edition: ISSN 1130-8265 Digital edition: ISNN 2565-2982.


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